solar installation process Global Solar's Process

  1. We at Global Solar start our process as soon as you express interest in installing a solar panel system on your home.
  2. After you fill out our home survey, we schedule an initial sales visit where we conduct a solar survey and measure the dimensions of your roof.
  3. We then collect a history of your utility usage and billing history to assess how much our systems would reduce your monthly bill by. We also collect your income tax information to determine if you are qualified for any city or state rebate incentives.
  4. From there, we schedule another visit in which we assess the condition of your roof and conduct a shading analysis.
  5. Once we have collected all the data from the previous steps, we prepare and present a project proposal of your solar installation. This includes the project costs, including any possible rebates and incentives, as well as a solar design customized for your home and your electricity needs.
  6. Once you have agreed to go solar with us, we apply and submit applications for rebates, incentives, and city permits.
  7. Given approval, we order the materials and begin the installation on your home.
  8. After we complete the installation of your PV panel’s, we schedule inspections to be conducted by the city, your local utility company, and a third party inspection agency.
  9. Following the inspections, we receive permission to operate.
  10. When we receive the “go ahead,” we turn on your inverter which then begins converting DC power into AC power, providing electricity throughout your home.
  11. Enjoy Solar!

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